Anodized Center Lock Wheel Rendering

19 x 8 Center Lock Hub Wheel Design

The first wheel I’ve ever designed. This is a simple clean wheel with bronze anodized spokes designed for a center lock hub mechanism. The brake rotor is a full floating brake rotor modelled after many available big brake kits available today. This is actually the second rotor and hat I have designed. The first was a rotor kit for a race car I built about a decade ago. That rotor had a different hat and rotor bolt kit however, but was designed so that I…

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Pacific Region Royal Canadian Air Cadets Tow Plane

Royal Canadian Air Cadet Wilga 2000MA Tow Plane

This layout was designed for the Pacific Region Air Cadet League for their new PZL Wilga, an aircraft that was intended to be used as the replacement for their storied L-19 Aircraft. The L-19′s had been in use for decades to haul the Air Cadets gliders around. The replacement program hit a roadblock when PZL shifted resources to Airbus and the Wilga program died. We sold this aircraft and now the Air Cadets are running upgraded Cessna 185′s. 

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Challenger Ultralight Aircraft Paint Scheme

Challenger 2 Ultralight Paint Scheme

Anyone can use a professional paint scheme design service. The owner of this ultralight provided photos and details necessary to create this paint scheme. The layout provided to the owner included the top and bottom surfaces of the wing and stabilizer. If you have a project like this you want a paint scheme for, give me a call or email me. 1-250-507-5555 or 

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Northern Lights College

Northern Lights College Sign Plan Revisit

The layout shown here was a revisit to a set of layouts and signs that I developed for the Northern Lights College over a dozen years ago. The sign above was built 10′ tall x 40′ wide on a steel frame with concrete pylon bases (one for each post). This was just one of almost a dozen similar signs that we made for the college. 

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