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Campbell River Airport Design & Structural Review

This small render was part of a graphic design, concept and structural design & engineering review. This design was made for the City of Campbell River for the airport entrance and was supplied as a complete tender package for the City to issue a RFQ.


The tender package was supplied with all the specifics to manufacture this sign down to bolt hardware details.

Freestanding Post & Beam Exploration for Exterior Signs

This was part of a proposal that we modified for a client for a 30′ tall freestanding sign for Grant Illuminated Signs. The base was a full concrete structure, but it could be manufactured with cladding instead of concrete and rock. Since this was only a structural review, the artwork wasn’t completed in 3D. Engineering drawings were created and stamped for production and the sign went up perfectly.

Mahogany Plank Spiral Staircase

Mahogany Spiral Staircase with frost tempered glass 'hand rails'


I rendered this mahogany spiral staircase about a year ago. I imagined this with the glass slotted through the wood beams and dowel mounted in place. Another option would be to run stressed threaded rod through the beams and clamp the glass in place with felt bushings, depending on the expected use of the staircase.

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19 x 8 Center Lock Hub Wheel Design

Anodized Center Lock Wheel Rendering

The first wheel I’ve ever designed. This is a simple clean wheel with bronze anodized spokes designed for a center lock hub mechanism. The brake rotor is a full floating brake rotor modelled after many available big brake kits available today. This is actually the second rotor and hat I have designed. The first was a rotor kit for a race car I built about a decade ago. That rotor had a different hat and rotor bolt kit however, but was designed so that I was able to mount a set of AP Racing callipers to the car.

The wheel shown above is designed as a 19″ x 8″ wheel with a negative offset (for this render). The wheel design would be altered to fit a range of offsets easily and will clear any brake kit out there.

I have sketched out sets of wheels in the past, but this is the first time I have ever set one up in 3D and I think it turned out nicely!

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Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial Cart

This industrial cart is my take on the recent trend to use industrial carts for coffee tables or end tables in high end loft condos (or anywhere else). This features cast iron wheels with heavy glass table top. The frame would be manufactured from cast iron, stainless steel or aluminum, depending on your preferences. Continue reading

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Office Boardroom

Glass desk office boardroom

This rendering was a test to see how Rhino 3D’s embedded render program did with lighting a city background.

The table is an interesting piece that I would like to build for a client. This is a single piece of gold tinted (imagine the color of beer) tempered glass with a rippled bottom surface, set on a chrome plate (or brushed stainless steel) set of legs. Perhaps you might want it the color of wine? That can be done as well!

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Glass & Chrome Shelving – Design

Chroma Green Shelving Unit

This ‘glass’ and chrome shelving unit is designed to refract any light you have in your room. I imagine this with only a minimal amount of display items sitting on it, however, it has the capacity to be a fully functional book shelf. The glass would appear darker when stack with books.

An option would be to paint the tubing the color of your choice, or select shelving colors from a wide range visible here:

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