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Dimensional Halo Lit Signage

Planning for a quality exterior sign for several clients in Courtenay, we simply took the elevations and wall cross-sections and made full-scale 3D models to place them. We manufactured both of these signs, along with a few others, at Grant Illuminated Signs in Campbell River. The work was all completed through the sign shop including the design and proofing. Any work done on Vancouver Island would be done directly through Grant Signs and you can call me there, but if you need me to design projects elsewhere in Canada that you need the additional resources that you don’t already have, I would be happy to do layouts and even price manufacturing if you wished.

Desert Twin Flypast

Desert Twin Flypast. I rendered this with a variety of labels for paint colors and logos. Some of the renders that customers will want can be done in Rhino and Keyshot, offering a detailed view of their aircraft in true to life colors. As long as I can obtain the 3D model of your aircraft, I can render it properly.

Living Room Design & Render

A quick design and render using some sofas I designed a few years ago with a glass industrial table in the mix. This layout was done in Keyshot 7. I need to develop more HDR environments, but thankfully I can do custom ones in any environment with software I have on my phone.

Campbell River Airport Design & Structural Review

This small render was part of a graphic design, concept and structural design & engineering review. This design was made for the City of Campbell River for the airport entrance and was supplied as a complete tender package for the City to issue a RFQ.


The tender package was supplied with all the specifics to manufacture this sign down to bolt hardware details.

Yacht Render Color Selection Experiments

Color experiments with yachts

This rendering was an experiment in color combinations for high end yachts. I rendered a few yachts for the purposes of letter placement and design for custom stainless channel letters for high end yachts that we manufacture at Grant Illuminated Signs. It worked out well and it truly demonstrated how beautiful these high end letters could be.


3D rendering with embedded logo for Grant Illuminated Signs


Grant Signs Cube Van Driver Side

This was recently designed to display the Grant Signs logo on the recent addition to the fleet. Rendered in Keyshot 7 at 7680×4320 in this blue version and one with carbon fiber detailing. We even created an animation for a short movie with this layout.

19 x 8 Center Lock Hub Wheel Design

Anodized Center Lock Wheel Rendering

The first wheel I’ve ever designed. This is a simple clean wheel with bronze anodized spokes designed for a center lock hub mechanism. The brake rotor is a full floating brake rotor modelled after many available big brake kits available today. This is actually the second rotor and hat I have designed. The first was a rotor kit for a race car I built about a decade ago. That rotor had a different hat and rotor bolt kit however, but was designed so that I was able to mount a set of AP Racing callipers to the car.

The wheel shown above is designed as a 19″ x 8″ wheel with a negative offset (for this render). The wheel design would be altered to fit a range of offsets easily and will clear any brake kit out there.

I have sketched out sets of wheels in the past, but this is the first time I have ever set one up in 3D and I think it turned out nicely!

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