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Dimensional Halo Lit Signage

Planning for a quality exterior sign for several clients in Courtenay, we simply took the elevations and wall cross-sections and made full-scale 3D models to place them. We manufactured both of these signs, along with a few others, at Grant Illuminated Signs in Campbell River. The work was all completed through the sign shop including the design and proofing. Any work done on Vancouver Island would be done directly through Grant Signs and you can call me there, but if you need me to design projects elsewhere in Canada that you need the additional resources that you don’t already have, I would be happy to do layouts and even price manufacturing if you wished.

Campbell River Airport Design & Structural Review

This small render was part of a graphic design, concept and structural design & engineering review. This design was made for the City of Campbell River for the airport entrance and was supplied as a complete tender package for the City to issue a RFQ.


The tender package was supplied with all the specifics to manufacture this sign down to bolt hardware details.

Freestanding Post & Beam Exploration for Exterior Signs

This was part of a proposal that we modified for a client for a 30′ tall freestanding sign for Grant Illuminated Signs. The base was a full concrete structure, but it could be manufactured with cladding instead of concrete and rock. Since this was only a structural review, the artwork wasn’t completed in 3D. Engineering drawings were created and stamped for production and the sign went up perfectly.

3D rendering with embedded logo for Grant Illuminated Signs


Grant Signs Cube Van Driver Side

This was recently designed to display the Grant Signs logo on the recent addition to the fleet. Rendered in Keyshot 7 at 7680×4320 in this blue version and one with carbon fiber detailing. We even created an animation for a short movie with this layout.

Northern Lights College Sign Plan Revisit

Northern Lights CollegeThe layout shown here was a revisit to a set of layouts and signs that I developed for the Northern Lights College over a dozen years ago. The sign above was built 10′ tall x 40′ wide on a steel frame with concrete pylon bases (one for each post). This was just one of almost a dozen similar signs that we made for the college.  Continue reading

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Corporate Reception Signage

Dimensional Sign with LED illumination

This is a sample layout for an office entryway sign. This dimensional sign has white LED illumination with a set of standoffs to be mounted to the wall, set off about an inch or so. The blue panels are mounted about 3/4″ away from the face of the backlit white panel and the letters are cut out to let light through them.

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Logo Design – Stjagg Management – Lobby Signage

Glass and Aluminum Lobby Signage

The logo and lobby signage layout shown here was for a project in my MBA marketing course. The logo was created and we went through the whole process of developing biographies for all the management team members. We developed a corporate website that went so far as to start looking for employees, all for the purposes of developing a brand for our team.

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