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Office Boardroom

Glass desk office boardroom

This rendering was a test to see how Rhino 3D’s embedded render program did with lighting a city background.

The table is an interesting piece that I would like to build for a client. This is a single piece of gold tinted (imagine the color of beer) tempered glass with a rippled bottom surface, set on a chrome plate (or brushed stainless steel) set of legs. Perhaps you might want it the color of wine? That can be done as well!

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Glass & Chrome Shelving – Design

Chroma Green Shelving Unit

This ‘glass’ and chrome shelving unit is designed to refract any light you have in your room. I imagine this with only a minimal amount of display items sitting on it, however, it has the capacity to be a fully functional book shelf. The glass would appear darker when stack with books.

An option would be to paint the tubing the color of your choice, or select shelving colors from a wide range visible here: http://www.3-form.com/materials/chroma/

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